“Sometimes I get emotional over fonts”

Anybody familiar with what a design-geek I am would probably not find that statement out of place coming out of my mouth. However, that quote is actually attributed to Kanye West, and is part of one of my favorite Etsy brand stories of the last few years.

Long story short, Kanye West is what my friend Lisa likes to call an idiot savant. Even some of the “dumbest” stuff coming out of his mouth has some shred of truth to it, in her opinion, and some of them border on revealing a cosmic truth to those receptive to its wisdom. I wholeheartedly agree. It should surprise no one at this point, that Kanye West is a social-media abuser, and this translates into one of the most mind-numbingly awesome, scattershot, OFTEN ALL-CAPS FOR NO REASON, hilarious (intentional or otherwise) twitter feeds around. A particularly productive, 118-day period is summarized here, and well worth a read.

Also worth noting, is that at this point, I’m pretty sure he’s silenced and re-instated his own twitter privileges at least 3 times, which should be a pretty good indicator of how amazing it truly is, and you’ll be glad to know that as of November 12, 2012, Kanye is back at it again.

Which reminded me the other day of etsy user Supervelma, who I somehow stumbled across about a year ago. Amy Sheridan has set about immortalizing these tweets/nuggets of genius into hand-stitched and framed, made to order, 5″ X 7″ pieces of art. Her etsy currently lists these as being sold out, but she notes that she takes commissions, so I’m sure you can still email her to obtain your own.

Deciding upon which bit of wisdom to hang on my wall has been, no exaggeration, one of the hardest decisions thus far in my entire life.



  1. I knew Kanye has been one of the most influential tweeters ever, but I really had no idea his tweets were so excellent. Love Supervelma for doing those stitched pieces. Isn’t the way online culture watches and comments on itself amazing? πŸ™‚

  2. I love the phrase “social media abuser.” Spot on. Oh, Kanye. You’re so awful and wonderful at the same time.

  3. I have to admit that I get emotional over fonts too. At InfoCamp this year, they used a novelty “Spinal Tap” font for a presentation and the serifs really threw off the kerning. When it popped up on the overhead screen, I let out a half-choked sob that made the people near me laugh.

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